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Ethno marketing

Some tools to :

  • Understand a phenomenon thoroughly and completely
  • Collect observations rather than just what people say
  • Remain close to reality and not just analyse
  • Cross check the observation of the practices with what the clients say.

Ethno marketing, or the anthropology of consumption, is a mixture of :
Ethnographic research –the collection of data from the subject being studied – in terms of method,
and anthropology – the study of human beings and how that affects inspiration in the marketing sector.

This approach is part of the new marketing trend to be user centric. Just a brief familiarization enables the identification of customers’ buying habits and their most important attitudes, so that the websites can be adapted and the institutions will develop to meet the consumers’ needs.

The key stages

Preparing the fieldwork

  • The semiotic analysis (analysis of the meaning) of what the customer says, at the same time as the analysis of the company’s discourse (visual and numerical identity, communication aids, the ethics policy etc.)
  • Drawing up an ethno marketing analysis table

Fieldwork itself

  • An unannounced or semi-guided visit (instructions for observation)
  • Ethno marketing sessions in commercial spaces, tourist structures etc.
  • Participative observation (ask for advice, purchases etc.)
  • Crossed methods (close and distant observation, interview, experience).
  • An inductive attitude

Analysis of the results returned

  • Analysis after the session and pointing out ways of improvement
  • Presence when the survey is delivered and when animating meetings with your publics – managers, teams, suppliers…

Kheolia’s competitive edge

  • A tailor made, multi-card approachmulticarte
  • New methodologies for observation which goes beyond the mystery client
  • Innovative : a mixture of semiotics and of ethno marketing
Kheolia has made a commitment to Esomar

Respectful of the ethical code in favour of good practices and consumer protection, Kheolia Institute has joined Esomar, the association for survey professionals which now has a worldwide coverage.

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