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Communication Test

What is the principle ?

It’s a survey of the reactions of a target to a publicity message project. In the qualitative test area of communication pre tests are carried out. This type of survey is to ascertain that the intentions are perceived and understood correctly, often aiming at sharing two or three creative biases. It is about understanding the value of the communication as compared to the strategic objectives, to identify the blockages, guiding through the risk areas and optimizing what is essential.

How is this done ?

An in depth analysis of a message on a small number of people, either by individual interview, or in a focus group in order to define :

  • The main points, the ideas and values communicated and the emotions felt,
  • The attractiveness of a visual element, or a campaign
  • How well client’s universe is reflected
  • How well the message is understood – the impact of the slogan…
  • The perception of its positioning
  • The understanding and the impact of the message
  • The clarity of the logo…

The presentation of the visual aids is always qualitative : board print, projection, sound…

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